Question concerning subtitles

Hi! I’ve recently bought one of this babies. 

My only problem with it are the subtitles… They are too **bleep** up!!! When 2 lines are shown they are almost on the center of the screen.

On 1920x800 movies (with black bars on top and bottom) they are shown on top of the black bar. 

On  1920x1080 movies they are in the same place… and it gets even worst in this situation. A lot of image is displayed under the subtitles.

Is there any way to move subtitles position? This is killing my experience with this.

Except from that, everything is great.

ps: sorry for my bad english, its not my native language.

Yes, when you are watching the show, click the OPTIONS button, then select SUBTITLES, then ADJUST.

Nice Tony !! Tk you very much :smiley: