Question concerning Load_Cycle_Count

Hi altogether,

My system: Linux/Lubuntu 16.04.5 LTS, 64 bit
HDD: WD Elements 25A2 (externnal HDD but my system-drive)
hdparm: 9.48+ds-1ubuntu0.1

I´m using a WD Elements 25A2 harddrive as my system-HDD.

Over a year ago I learned about the problem of high Load_Cycle_Count with certain WD-HDDs ( and

I fixed it by using hdparm (“sudo hdparm -B 254 /dev/sdc”). This works really well and the Load_Cycle_Count increases just by the value of 3 per shutdown/boot up.
Like this: 56953 —> 56956.

Yet within the last 10 days this value has risen from 57043 to 57586 (over 500).

After thinking about what I was doing within that period of time other than normally I just came up with the following:

On a number of occasions I helped 2 friends with anydesk (remote connection software, similar to teamviewer). Altogether: about 5 hours.
Is it possible that the observed phenomenon could have something to do with the use of anydesk or any other specific software for that matter? I know that´s really far-fetched. Yet I can´t think of anything plausible.

BTW: Now that I´m not using anydesk at the moment everything´s back to normal again. No rise of the Load_Cycle_Count during the last few days, not even after 7 hours of countinuous use. So hdparm seems to be working well again.

Thanks a lot in advance

Rosika :thinking: