Question before buying

Hi, I’m planning to buy WDTV live, but my TV is 5 or 6 years old Panasonic plasma TV and I’m afraid my videos won’t play smoothly.According to documentation my TV supports this: 480i(60Hz), 480p(60Hz), 576i(50Hz), 576p(50Hz), 720p(50Hz), 720p(60Hz)m 1080i(50Hz), 1080i(60Hz). I’ve checked my videos (mkv and avi) and most of them are 23,976fps or 25fps. My TV has no HDMI so the only possibilty is component input. I’d like to know if the videos will play smoothly or not. I’m completely new to this. Can anyone help?

Sounds like your TV is 720p.  Mine is too and I play all my files in 720p 60hz and it’s fine.  Although my TV supports 23.976f/s I don’t use it as it gives me terrible lip sync.  I connect with HDMI but I think you’ll be fine with component

just go ahead, you have a great TV set. it will work just fine

our tv is only 720p 60mhz as well (low end samsung plasma from costco) and it works fine.