Question about how it works

Hi everyone,

I’m a new member here because my brother told me that WD would be a good choice.

I bought the “My Passport Essential” to cover the other disk who i’m working with.

So, i have a question:

I work with another External HD, but in a different way. The other doesn’t have a specific software to control the HD, and now i’m a bit confused about how this software works…

The other way is easier because i can see all the files and edit, move them, etc, in the disc, but in now it’s more confuse.

Otherwise i could only copy the files into the new disc, but , can i work wthout the software?

I’m confused :S

(And sorry about my bad english)


I can now see my itens, it’s because i had forgotten to click on the button saying Stop.

But, if i need to do a new backup, just repeat the process?

The Smartware backsup with it’s own method. Yes you can work without the software unless you want the password protection.