Question about homebrew firmware

Hey everyone. I has just curious if they’re any homebrew firmware out there, like B-rad’s, that enables the device to play previously unsupported filetypes such as FLV, RM or OGM. I’d really like to get this player, but the only thing that has me looking elsewhere is the lack of support for these files.

Doesn’t B-Rad’s firmware play FLV? Anyway, I’m not aware of any other homebrew firmware for the WDTV Live.

However there is media server software out there that can transcode those formats on-the-fly; i.e. an FLV file is presented as an MPEG file by the media server, the WDTV Live tries to play it, and the media server transcode the FLV to MPEG on-the-fly and sends it to the WDTV Live.

The other solution is of course to transcode your FLV, RM, and OGM to supported formats, but admittedly this could be a PITA.