Question about disabling features on the new WD TV Live

The WD Page:

I’m planning on buying this and I noticed it lists a number of online services (such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify, YouTube, etc).

Do these come preinstalled on the device? If so, is there any way to uninstall or permanently disable these? If not, is there any way to “hide” them (what is the menu system like? I don’t want them to be visible). Also, is there a way to disable internet access (but allow local network access) on the WD TV Live itself? Again, what type of network settings does the device offer?


You’re in the wrong forum… The correct forum is here:

But to answer your questions:

   Yes, the services are preinstalled.

   No, you cannot uninstall or disable them.

   Yes, you can HIDE them via the parental controls section.

If you do not configure the DEFAULT GATEWAY properly, then that will effectively disable internet access.   But lots of things will not work correctly if you do so:

    NONE of the services will work.

    The CLOCK / Weather widget will not be accurate.