Queries on two different external drives to do with noise

Hello. Im new and would just like to ask a question. I purchased an Elements 3tb external drive a few weeks ago. Its completely quiet no noise what so ever and doesnt vibrate at all. I just grabbed a 4tb external drive today im using them both at the same time at the moment. the new one i can feel vibration when i touch it and also i can hear it ticking away like a normal pc drive would. My question is can anyone answer why the 3tb is dead quiet and doesnt vibrate at all and the 4tb does?. Is the 4tb a faster drive compared to my 3tb? i cant find any specs on either of them. Thanks alot.

So, does the 3TB HDD works or not?

The generations and internal components are not the same. This is reflected on vibration level and acoustics.


Sorry for the late reply. Yes the 3tb drive works as its less than a month old. It came in a different colour box so i was thinking the same thing. The 4tb might be a newer design. its just weird the 3tb i cant even tell its on the 4tb on the other hand vibrates and clicks like the old school desktop hdds from years ago. I guess if they both work their isnt much i can do about it. Thanks for the comments.