Puzzling problem with WD Live HUB, Playon and wired vs wireless

I have a WD Live HUB connected to my wireless internet router using a LAN cable. I have a laptop connected wirelessly to my wireless internet router. I have services like PlayOn and Twonky installed on my PC. With wireless, I go to ‘Videos’, click the red link for ‘Content Sources’ , select Media Server’ and I see the PlayOn and Twonky services on the PC connected via wireless. I want to know connect this PC via LAN to the wireless internet router. When I connect the PC via wired LAN, I can browse the web, get on line, etc. But for some reason when I have the laptop connected via wired LAN, the WD Live HUB does not see PlayOn and Twonky. Interestingly enough, the WD Link application on my PC does not find the WD Live Hub for drive mapping either when I connect via wired LAN but this does work with wireless.

I’m puzzled by this, and just can’t figure out why the WD Live Hub won’t see those services on my laptop when connected via wired LAN.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem are of course more than welcome.


Wayne Hann

With your computer wired to the router, you may try resetting your WD TV Live Hub by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  If this does not fix it, by the menu you can Reset all Settings back to Default.

Certainly a very odd issue. I finally got it working. Problem was the internet router. This took forever. Hopefully somoene will benefit from this who have the same situation, namey a HUAWEI HG655B. Solved it by connecting the WD Live Hub and the PlayOn laptop to an ethernet switch via LAN and then connecting the switch to the wireless internet router. Manufacturer/model of the internet router is HUAWEI HG655B. For some reason, with the WD Live Hub connected to this device via LAN and laptop connected via wireless all was ok. When I connected the PlayOn laptop via wired LAN through the internet router, the WD Live Hub just would not see the PlayOn laptop. Crazy I know.But true. Hopefully this note will help anyone else who might run into this.  

Wayne Hann