Putting WD Red WD30EFRX in my NAS that is not always a lot in use


I am considering buying two WD RED WD30EFRX for my NAS. The information says it is great for NAS and 24h availability. But my NAs is also a lot in standby mode. Is it worth putting two reds in my NAS?



To my understanding those units are designed for NAS systems, so I think those units will work great for you!

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I just installed two 2TB Reds in my Ready NAS Duo(to replace a WD20EARS Green single drive). I can tell you these drives work flawlessly so far (it took 17 hours a piece to initialize and copy the data over from the Green, but they did so with NO intervention by me!) . The Green drive needed the wdidle and TLER utility to work properly (Load cycles were VERY high on the Green before the fixes). The Reds are also running about 5 degrees(Celsius) cooler than the Green.

SO Far I Love these drives!

P.S. Thought I had better mention that my NAS only runs about 48 hours a week, so I don’t think running in standby would be a problem.