Putting programs on My Cloud

Hello everyone,

I am new here and was just introduced to this product by a friend. I was wondering if I can actually put programs like Acrobat or Photoshop or Quickbooks on any of the My Could units and access them from anywhere.

Thank you for your help.


No you can’t. The NAS is like a tiny computer with a big disk that shares the big disk on the network. The Operating System of the NAS is a Linux variant, customized by WD to make it customer friendly (somewhat).You cannot install this type of software for Windows or Mac platforms on the NAS. Because of the hardware limitiations, you can barely install any Linux programs either, although a bunch of Linux enthusiasts here are trying to make this work.

You can store the installers (like any file) on the NAS.

A typical consumer would store backups on the NAS, and their media (photos, music, videos) so that this content can be accessed by players inside and outside the house.

Thank you very much for your reply. I guess I will keep looking. I am really new at this ant don’t really understand this stuff therefore I have to ask people like yourself.

Thanks again.


In theory i think You could install your programs on your nas but keep in mind that it Will be slower then if it was directly on your computer

Also you Would have to reinstall them from every computer you Will want to use that program for for registry key to be written.