Putting moviesheets into existing themes

I want to put the Lstar337 Split-Sheet Cover trickle onto my wd hub. Can I put it on a exisiting theme like the original wd hub theme. How would I do this.

Also all my covers are on my hub so would I just add the theme and all the artwork would add itself to the moviesheet. thanks 

Link here: http://www.wdtvlive.net/showthread.php?812-Lstar337-s-Split-Sheet-v3.0-Movie-Sheets!

The ‘Cover Trickle’  Template Method was created by ‘Buhric’ and  is a Full Screen 1280x720 Moviesheet.

Which im assuming is the same method of sheet that Lstar337  ‘Cover Trickle’ is.

This ‘Sheet’ has everything ie. Fanart,Tilted Poster,Movie Info etc.

This really old Youtube Video of mine shows the ‘Cover Trickle’ Sheet method working on the WDTV GEN1


‘Cover Trickle’ Sheet does not use real Thumbnail images… the Thumbnails are on the ‘MovieSheet’

Yes, it will work he WDTV Live Hub.  (i have actually tried it with the ‘Moviesheets’ in the GEN1 Demo.)

(a modification of rv_gallery_browse_page.xml will make it possible)

(if the rv_gallery_browse_page.xml is not modified for this type of ‘Sheet’ you are gonna have a mess of ‘Thumbnails’ )

But Realize using this type of ‘Moviesheet’ requires that if you add a new Movie then you have to Generate an Additional 10 Moviesheets to keep everything in alphabetical order.

Nice idea from ‘Buhric’ but ultimately most people dont want to go to the trouble of Generating Multiple Sheets for the sake of adding 1 Movie.  (gets more time consuming when you add more than 1 new Movie)

P.S. Dont confuse ‘Cover Trickle’ Moviesheet on wdtvlive.net  with ‘Trickle’ as used by a Forum member here in the themes forum… 

Ok so how do I make it work with the hub could you give me step by step instructions if possible. Thanks

I’m not adding anymore more movies as my drive is full anyway. 

too complicated to explain …read the wdtvlive.net Forums and Support.

Or Visit here for support from Burhic the creator of this Moviesheet Template Method:


“In a Nutshell” … ‘Cover Trickle’ Templates are using using XSLT

You need to have all your Movies in Individual Folders… and a Hi-Res Folder.jpg in each Movie Folder.

for the template to work and Generate ‘Sheets’ … then you gotta take them outta there folders so they display nice on the Hub.

Just realized something too, it’s gonna look terrible with the 3 second delay between Moviesheets. (using the Local Backdrop Method)

Meaning you’ll be staring at a lot of black screen while navigating.

Not tested, but removing the bg=“1” in rv_gallery should make the backdrops appear on top of the real thumbnails.

(Which is how the Covertrickle Moviesheets are meant to display)

<image image="@@preview_rect_image" default_image="@@default_preview_rect_image" x=“0” y=“0” w=“1280” h=“720” textcolor="@@preview_rect_color" keycolor=“1” ignore_keycolor=“1” bg=“1” />

The other way i did it was ‘similar’ to how Aeonish Hub works…(better quality moviesheets though)  but it means the Moviesheet is only workable in Gallery View. (unless i modify all views to display this one type of Moviesheet, which is possible… but not much variety anymore)