Pushing play after each movie

I goto sleep to cooking shows, they are about 20 min long. Is there a way for my WD live to keep playing after one is done?
I don’t want to hit play and pick the next movie all night Long every 20 min.

My NBox had this and would like to find out how to make my new WD work for me in this way.

  1. Put them in one Folder  eg. Cooking Shows

  2. Setup the video playback in settings

Setup > Video Settings > Video Playback Sequence > Repeat All

  1. On your “Cooking Shows” Folder press the PLAY button and it will play all the videos in the Folder one after another and when it finishes playing the last video it will “Loop” and start playing them all over again starting from the 1st video
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I have my TV Shows in their own folders with little thumbs, if I click OK on the folder I end up inside it with all my TV files  and then pressing PLAY or OK on one of the files plays it then stops when its done.

If I press PLAY instead of OK on the shows folder then all files inside that folder play back to back.

I do not have the autoplay setting in menu enabled as I do not want that for long movies/shows but if they are short 20mins Eps likes yours I still have the option.

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