Purple Video

I am on my second WDTV Live Hub that has had purple video problems using HDMI. My older unit with 2.02.16 firmware is fine. I bought another unit which had purplish video and was able to take it back and got a new one. This one also has purplish video but I’ve had it in the box too long and can’t take it back now. This unit had 2.07.17 firmware. I called support and they suggested I do a firmware upgrade. I upgraded it to 3.04.17 firmware and it has the same problem.

I can get the video to look normal if I go to "Setup > Audio/Video Output and just keep pressing OK through the settings. However when I power down the unit it looses the settings. The next time I power up the unit it has purplish video again.

Has anybody else run into this?  What can I do?



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hmm. i have quite the same problem.

My setup is as follows:

hdmi from the hub goes to my audio receiver/amplier

hdmi output from the audio receiver goes to the a hdmi splitter.

The splitter splits the hdmi audio&video signal among a tv and a projector.

Sometimes, when booting up the hub video turns purple.

What i do is to the turn off the hdmi splitter and re-turn it on. Video returns to normal colour


Go to the video settings on the hub and apply a resolution. Video returns to normal colour.

But i noticed, if i turn on my audio receiver  and select the hub’s hdmi source and also turn on hdmi splitter and tv,

before turning on the live hub.

The problem rarely happens or do not happen at all!


I know it’s obvious, but you’ve tried swapping HDMI Cables or Swapping the Working Live Hub with the Purple One. ?

You havent mentioned you’ve done that … so i have to ask

Yes, I swapped HDMI cables and also WDTV units. The purplish video followed only the WDTV unit.


-= Ken =-