Purge deleted files

I recently purchased a My Passport 500GB external drive. I’m trying to find out how to purge files from My Passport when a file has been deleted from the source drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You mean to recover your data if has been delete it? Try using Recuva or Photorec software, they are free and really good.

What I am referring to is when I delete files from my source drive (PC), how do I delete the same file on MY Passport. I read something about a “purge” function for discaring deleted files, but I can’t figure out how to do it or where to look.

Anybody? Help!

If you are using smartware to backup your files, it doesn’t have that option, smartware will only copy the files that you have in your computer. What you need is a program to sync the files between your PC and the passport. You can also explore the passport manually and delete the files from there. 

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Thank you - I am using Smartware. One more question - “What you need is a program to sync the files between your PC and the passport”… how/where do I get software that does this?

Found a couple of options using Google. The main difference between a backup and a sync program, is that the sync program will delete a file from the external hard drive if you delete it from your PC, the backup program will not.



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WD has a program called Anywhere Backup that allegedly will purge deleted files but it does not work in Windows 8.  Perhaps they’ll come out with a compatible version at some point.  But could one just deleted an entire top-level folder within “WD SmartWare.swstor” and then do a complete fresh new backup?