Purchasing a WD TV live Streaming Player

I just posted this in the wrong area but i think this is the right place now, anyway  i was interested in purchasing a WD TV Live streaming player and seen some good reviews and this seems like the box for me. I just came from a Boxee Box wich was very bad, i need something to play my files flawlessly without constant reboots. My questions are, how does the box handle DVD iso and menus? and does it support 3D iso or BD iso menus? and last how would i go about nameing my own content, like putting a jpeg with a info file with the movie folder so it recognizes that info, i know Boxee had NFO file with a TBN file for artwork, im not sure if its different or a program that does this, any point in the right direction would help.


Yes, the SMP does play DVD iso’s with menus, and it does play BD iso’s, however it doesn’t have menu support.  This though is pretty much the norm for media players, unless a player supports a BD optical drive, they usually don’t support BD menus.  I can’t speak for 3D iso’s.

The SMP has a “Get Content Info” function (both manual and automatic) which gets the thumbs and xml metadata (it uses xml instead of nfo).  Using this function the thumbs/coverart are “filename.metathumb” files, however you can use your own .jpg image as well.  Many of us here use Thumbgen to add our data, and it is neseccary if you use most of the Themes you will find here in the forum.


DVD ISO + Menus: plays them like a standard DVD player would.

3D Support: it does support 3D for Vudu and for video files (don’t know about Blu-ray)
Blu-ray ISO + Menus: It can play the ISO’s but don’t expect much as this box wasn’t buit for it, sadly no menu support (only a few boxes out there support this)

as far as using cover art and movie info it does do that. .xmls instead of .nfo

I don’t know what type of file it uses for covers because I don’t use that. (I’m assuming .jpg as well)

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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All sounds good, yeah i didn’t think it would on the BD menu, like you guys said not many players i’ve looked at do. I just need something to play my full dvd iso without any problems, like i said Boxee was a bad experience, i spent more time rebooting and restarting when i could just have stuck my DVD in the DVD player itself. One more thing i seen that the HUB support themes and if so can you you use the themes from the HUB, cause i seen some that looked pretty cool and if not is there a theme catagory like the HUB has for themes for the Live? thanks

Yes you can use themes on the SMP, mine here: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming-Discussions/Darklight-for-SMP-Beta-UPDATED-6-12-12/td-p/407350  will run on both the HUB and SMP, both of which I have.

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I use Black Mamba 1.5 by DeVicious on the SMP.

Looks cool, can you point me in the direction on how to extacly import the theme into my Streamer? I read some post about using google chrome or exploerer something like that maybe i’m wrong, but I see you can download themes from the streamer, but it says something like download to flash. thanks

As stated on my theme page:

To install the theme, download the zip file to your PC, open your web browser (I don’t recommend using IE9, there have been issues), then type your SMP’s IP address to open the Web UI.   Type in your password (the default is “admin”), click on the box next to “I accept” and click LOGIN, then click on “Appearance”, then click on “Browse” and navigate to where you saved the “Darklight.zjp” file, then click on “Open”.

Click on “Submit”, then once the Web UI finishes uploading the theme, on you SMP press “Setup” on your remote, select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”, select “Darklight” then when prompted select “Apply theme”.

This works for any theme listed here in this forum.

You can also download some themes by going to Setup / Appearance / User Interface Themes, then pressing the red button on the remote to change the source to the Online database.  However, there are only a few themes and most have not been updated to work properly on the SMP with the current firmware.

Thanks for the help all.