Purchasing 3TB My book. How does it work with WD TV Live Plus

Looking to purchase the 3TB My book for my 2 networked WD TV Live Plus players I have in my home.

How is this drive in simultaneously access the drive from 2 WD TV Live plus players at the same time.  Any experiences from the community would be greatly appreciated.

I would not be accessing the same file.  Also the network is a gigabit network. 


  • I have book live 2tb [connected naturally via rj45 to router which is linked to WD HD MPLAYER] and book 3tb [connected diredly by usb] : both works perfectly and visible in my network [mapped] .



I have a couple of MyBook Live 1tb drives and one 2tb MyBook connected via a Gigabit switch, although my actual WD TV boxes are only connected to a 100 megabit switch.

I have no problems (so far!) streaming large (>1gb mkv’s mostly) files simultaneously.  In fact I’ve had 2 WD TVs streaming video, plus a PC playing a video from the device at the same time as I’ve been copying large files over to the same drive and everything kept running smoothly.

In fact, I pulled the network cable on one of the WD TV boxes whilst it was playing and it kept playing for almost a minute before finally freezing, so it had cached a fair amount of data.