Purchased 4 new WD Blue 2tb drives, two are much heavier than the other two?

The build quality on the two heavier versions seem much better, much thicker chassis, thicker pcb, even the screws are bigger. I expect the two lightest versions are the latest, the question is, is this just a cost cutting exercise, or have the drives been improved somehow? To me, the lighter versions look much weaker with regards to durability, only time will tell.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, especially if you know what they have done and why.

Many thanks and Kind regards


are all 4 drives identical ? same model number / revision / manufacture year

My only guess would be the heavier versions are probably older drives using PMR (aka CMR) and the lighter ones probably SMR which can pack more data into less space (less or thinner platters) but won’t perform as well.


Thanks JoeySmyth, I’ve done some digging and you were right, the lighter one’s are indeed SMR drives, they’re nearly a quarter lighter. I’m taking them back to currys for a refund tomorrow, thankfully they’re still sealed. Thanks for the heads up, SMR is bad, no wonder they dragged their heels to disclose it to the public. See attached.