Purchase Advice

I’m looking to get a TV streaming device and I’m stuck between the TV play and TV live. I don’t really care about to price so long as I get a good quality item. Any personal feedback is appreciated.

Out of those two the live streaming is the best.

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Here’s some more info:

The WD Live streaming is the best WD player without a HD inside (you can attach one to it.).

The WD Play is the “entry level” model with many key features of the above unit missing in action (reason for lower price).

These features have been discussed over and over in the forums and don’t need to be repeated here.  See for yourself – compare the two at the WD product site.  People who buy the Play express their disappointment often in here that they did not buy the Live streaming.

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Thanks Guys, after doing a bit of reading I’ve decided that I’m going to go with the TV Live.