Public Videos has disappeared - lost all my videos

Hi all,

I’ve had a WD MyCloud 4TB NAS for about 6 weeks. So far, it’s been very good.

I have been using it as a repository for all my videos and have it hard wired to my HTPC, which is a Linux device running XBMCbuntu. I have uploaded about .7TB of movies and nothing else and it has run them quite well, vitually without a hitch.

Today my Public Videos directory disappeared and took all my movies with it.

I went through the My Cloud explorer and it hasn’t suddenly relocated to a different part of the drive.

My XBMCbuntu box is all broken links.

I also went through the Dashboard app and it is showing the drive as empty (3.9TB free).

The other strange thing is that the app is now showing 3 cloud devices where it had previously shown only 2.

It is showing 4 shares and I don’t think I have added any.

I have not deleted anything and in fact, the last thing I did was to upload something last night. It was all working then.

I have not rebooted the NAS since I have owned it. It is not on a fixed IP address either.

I can only think that this was a failed firmware update or something similar. Current firmware is v03.04.01-219.

The only good news is that I still have everything backed up on a small USB3 external drive.

Can anyone suggest anything or provide any advice on how to restore from the external drive (other than copy and paste individual movies)?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, have you tried doing a power cycle? You can also try to rescan the media library from the My Cloud dashboard. Check page 102 of the manual for more information.