Public Folder Visibility - Im such and idiot!

Hey everyone. This is my first post here and boy and I hoping someone can help resolve a stupid mistake on my behalf.

I have a My Book Live 2TB and when I first set it up I just wanted to get things up and running not really thinking I would use the Remote Access option. However, I do. The issue I now have is that ALL my files are in the PUBLIC folder which everyone has access to by default when you set them up with an account to get access. Obviously this is REALLY not ideal and I’m wondering what the implications are of copying all the current data from the Public folder into another newly created folder?

I can see for example that all my songs which I have in the Public folder and are currently accessed from our machines in the house (and used by iTunes) will now I guess have to be rediscovered on the new share?

Also, I have SyncToys set up to synchronise from a memory stick to the currently mapped share for the Public folder. Are there other things I am missing?

If I move all these to a new share and then change the drive letter to repoint to whatever the new share is called, are there any issues I am going to run into?

Any help REALLY appreciated!!!


Hello, you shouldn’t run into any issues, just copy your files from one shared folder to another and redirect your programs.