Public folder suddenly has recursive and repeatable folder structure

Hello Experts,
Not sure what happened , but suddenly i see that in my public share, the folder structure is recursive and never ending repeatable.

I click public and i see public and same level folders again and again…any clues?

thanks in advance

Hi amsidory,

Are you facing same issue when you access your My Cloud data from

This is likely the result of a symlink created by wdsync. I recall a similar problem happening in the past.

Remember, the mycloud uses ext4 as its internal file system, and as such is capable of having symlinks in the shared file system. Symlinks can point anywhere, and can create recursion loops like this if used improperly. I am not a fan of the wdsync utility, for reasons like this one, and also because it tends to walk all over file permissions, causing all manner of problems.

You can fix the broken/improper symlink with ssh.

thanks for your reply, yes i do get the same issue without app too

@Wierd_w amazing reply and thanks for hinting on symlinks…i enabled ssh and logged in via putty to remove these…
all is good now :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
I face the same issue with recursive folders inside Public.
I cannot delete these folders and also I don’t understand the solution “fix the broken/improper symlink with ssh”.
Can anyone help me?

download putty,
enter the IP address of the WD server,
ensure you have enabled SSH.
use sshd/admin to login
browse to right folder where there are recursive symlinks : use ‘ls -l’
delete via ‘rm’ commad

As i learn this is NOT one time job, the symlinks come up randomly, i have to do each time i see one .
Also i just moved to MAC, and i am yet to do it

Hope this helps !!

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Thank you for your reply!
I used the app “Web File Viewer” to find the recursive small files.

how do you find out the IP address of the WD server?
have the same issue.