Public Folder Permissions

I have a My Cloud Nas drive I am trying to remove the option to delete files from the public folder when using any other computer connected to the network other than myself on my computer. I still want to be able to read/write etc from other locations but without the risk of say the kids going on the laptop and deleting important files etc. Is there a simple way to do this?

There is no longer a way to make the Public folder ‘private’.

The only answer is not to put anything in the Public folder; you don’t need to, since you can put media anywhere. This allows you to make media available for streaming, but not modifiable without password access.

There is no simple way to make private, restrict access or disable the Public share folder. This has been discussed in several prior threads. As cpt_paranoia points out there used to be a way in the older firmware to disable public access to the Public folder but that was “fixed” in the OS3 firmware on the My Cloud units. There are several methods of dealing with the Public folder if one wants to use SSH. See the following links.

Feel free to voice your opinion as others have done on the inability to restrict access the Public Share from the Dashboard at the following link.