PUBLIC folder missing

Sometime over night my EX4100 has decided to hide the "public/ folder thats contains my music & movies folders. I can still access them via PLEX server but not through finder. I can still see the Anti-Virus Essentials/personal folders. SmartWare & my Time Machine backup. Is there away to have it reshow my Public folder again? I have already power cycle whole EX4100. only about 10% is backup to other HD’s.

Current Version. 5.08.115
Last Update Saturday, 2020 December 19, 3:50:30 AM

Was Abel to resolve it by Restoring System only.

@john1265 I see that you were able to resolve using System Only Restore? Is that accurate?
Did you have the Recycle Bin enabled on your Public folder? (default=off)

Use the name of the public folder mailbox and not the name of the public folder. This will apply the setting across all users aessuccess in the tenant. Wait around 30 minutes for the setting to take effect and then restart the Outlook client.