Public folder disapeared

Since yesterday, I’m not able to connect to the “public” folder (where all my datas are stored)

When I log on the IP adress through a browser, I can check that my 8 To of datas are still there.

When I use windows explorer the path \WDMAYCOULDEX4 exists but the path \WDMYCLOUDEX4\Public doesn’t exist any more.

How can I reconnect on my public folder without loosing all my datas ?



Welcome to the Community.

We have passed along this information to WD Support.

On the meanwhile, can you access your Public share using the desktop or mobile app?

Thank you for your feedback

I tried both (destop and mobile app) and I’m just able to connect and check the “anti-virus essentials” folder.

The “public” folder is hidden, I’m unable to access to my content (everything is stored in this folder).


With the new firmware the Public folder can be disabled.  Check that that is not the case for you.  Check “Shares” in the GUI.  The Public share will still be there, but there is a “Public” switch as well.

Hi Skiwi,

I guess that you call GUI the inferface which you access through your browser with the IP adress.

Is it correct ?

When I log on through the browser, I check “shares” (folders) and the only one which appears is “Anti-Virus essentials”.

The “Public” folder isn’t here.


Add a Share to the NAS and give yourself full access to the Share and you’ll be good to go…