Public and Private Share

Hi all

I recently purchase the My book Live and exploring options.  I wanted info on the Public and Private share.

Following is my request and question…  Please let me know if there is a way. Thanks in Advance

I am not able to able remove access to all the users in the Public Share. But I don’t want all my family members to see any of my files except the one i wanted to share. How can i accomplish this task?
I thought i will create a Private Share and move all my files there and share only the files which i wanted to share in Public. But in Private Share it has a limitation of size of 25 GB only.
or Is it possible to have a folder without any share just in the hard drive and available only in my home network?

If any one of the above is possible, my objective of not sharing all my files to my family members will be solved. Please assist



There is no size limitation of ANY share.   All shares “share” the maximum storage of the drive.

If your PC is saying there’s a 25GB limit, it’s because your PC for some reason mounted the private share via WEBDAV instead of Microsoft Network.

DELETE the share by issueing this command in a CMD window:

net use * /delete

then try to re-mount the share.