Public Access to MyCloud

Hi there, I’m hoping someone can assist me.

I’m getting married next month and would like to use my MyCloud as a place that everyone that all our wedding guests can upload their photos to. Is this possible?

Can I set up a single folder that everyone can access without a password via a URL that I give them that only gives access to one folder? Obviously I’d like to do this without giving passwords and access to my whole MyCloud

I’d be really grateful if someone could help.



No, that’s not really feasible.   Though you can give someone READ URL links where they can DOWNLOAD a whole folder (which comes as a ZIP file), you can’t give any URLs that are writable.

If your guests are techie enough that they could use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and you give them adequate instructions, then it would be possible to connect via FTP, though.

Hi Tony,

I feared that was the case but many thanks for your answer…