Does anyone know where I can grt the 3 Pin Adapter for the PSU ? - I bought a second hand MybookWorld and it only came with a 2 pin adapter.  If anyone knows where I can get one from I would be grateful.



I’m not sure I understand your question, but when I lost the power supply to a My Book Live I was able to purchase a replacement at - If your not sure what adapter your drive uses I think there is a WD article… yes here it is:

Hi, what I mean is that the power supply is a universal switching type that can be used in many countries so it comes with a snap in adapter to fit most countries power systems.  In the US this is a 2 pole/pin system while over here its a 3 pin system,  What I’m after is the ‘snap in’ pin part.  I did not want to buy the complete assembly,



Well sadly I’m screwed, turns out that WD only sell the entire PSU, and the landfill will now have one more item in it :frowning:

You might want to try Ebay or somewhere like that… Manufactuers usually don’t sell only part of a part - if something breaks or is lost you have to replace the entire part (at least they aren’t like some manufactuers who would make you buy a whole new device just to get a new power cord!)