.pst file backup inconsistency/removing old backup

pst file issue

I have raised a ticket on this .pst file issue a couple of days ago but so far no response :(  - maybe someone in here can advise.

Following recent replacement of HDD I reinstalled MyPassport and Smartware.

MyPassport seems to be happily continuously backing up… except for some .pst files.

Have checked in the .swstor folder and all the relevant files are there.

If I do send/receive in Outlook and then check in the .swstor folder it shows the various files with the time and date of the send/receive….except for the main .pst file which receives most traffic.

That file occasionally shows a new date/time but mostly does not and I cannot see how/why it decided to update at a particular time.

I did consider moving the relevant .pst file and then sticking it back in the folder where it should belong to see if that will encourage Smartware to do its job but am a bit wary of that in case I muck up Outlook in the process.

I also considered disabling and then re-enabling backup to see if that works but I don’t want to start a whole new backup (not sure if that would happen).

Any suggestions or guidance available?

Remove old backups issue

Following the HDD replacement I now have an old backup for my old machine in my .swstor folder. Can I simply delete the old backup folder in Users?

Additionally I have an old Windows backup for the old machine on MyPassport and I would like to delete that too to free up some room. Does anyone know if a simple “hit delete” will work and not mess up anything on MyPassport?

Thanks in advance for your indulgence!


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