PS4 won't backup to 3Tb My Book

Formatted the drive Fat32(MS-DOS Fat). 1 partition of 3Tb. Plugged it into the PS4 and when I try to back up my PS4 to it, after calculating the space requirements, it says it’s unable and shows 0kb available after backup. What gives?

Hello there,

Have you tried reformatting the drive again to see if the process goes though normally?

Yes. I tried everything. Ran Life Guard diagnostics on drive. Reformatted in exFat a 1TB partition. Left the other 2TB unallocated. Nothing. I had already formatted the entire drive exFat before with no luck. Chatted with Sony support. Evidently the PS4 can’t backup the hard drive to an external drive. Probably trying to protect the content. It can back up music, videos, saved game data, etc. to a USB. But that’s about it.

So, I just swapped out the drive, installed the OS on the new drive, and downloaded games and game saves from Sony. It’s working fine now with a new 1 TB drive in it.