Hello people,

I currently own the “My Book - world Edition” which has been working fine until now. I have ps3 which i stream all my films, music ect. I have gone for a wired connection for my ps3 to try and improve data transfer between the 2 but since doing that my ps3 cant find my hard drive. I have tried both static and dchp ip address to try and solve the problem but have had no luck in solving. The only way i can get my ps3 to find the hard drive is setting it to a wifi connection to my router which is dead strange.

Any help would be great.

  1. Reboot your router once your PS3 is wired to it.

  2. Disable the Media Server option on your PS3.

  3. Reboot your PS3

  4. Re-enable the Media Server option on your PS3.