PS3 wake up possible?


I bought this drive to store pictures and movies and to use it with my PS3 as a storage device.  The problem is the sleep mode.  After a few minutes the PS3 no longer recognizes the drive and I have to physically unplug the drive and then plug it back in again to get it to recognize the drive again… not exactly what I had in mind.  Also, I sometime access the PS3 remotely with my PSP Go and there is no way to get access to the drive when I’m away.  I’ve read the forums and I understand the sleep mode part of the drive, but is there any workaround for this?? otherwise I will have to go and buy a different drive I guess, because this is not what I had in mind… thanks…


Have you tried hooking up your drive to the computer and configuring the sleep settings? In the settings tab, you can configure after how long your drive goes to sleep: 10 mins to never.  It does however say that some o/s may override these and settings and this could be the case with the PS3.


Thanks for the response… I haven’t as yet, but I will give that  a try … I’m open to any suggestions at this point as essentially the drive is worthless to me if its going to shut off after 10  minutes every time…