PS3 Video Pausing/Stuttering

I have set up my PS3 and Mybook World Edition to share video with static IP’s and uPnP enabled on the router and PS3. The PS3 is connected wirelessly and set to use Channel 11. The Mybook drive appears in the PS3 menus automatically and I can watch videos and play music.

However, when I’m watching videos, roughly every 5-10 minutes, the video pauses for a few seconds, then the audio stops, then it all catches up an goes back to normal.

But streaming video off the Mybook to a laptop or PC works flawlessly.

Is there anything I can do to make this work better with the PS3?

It depends on the kind of video you are streaming.  Some are better than others and the software on the PS3 is not great for video streaming.  Don’t even think about trying videos from a Flip Camera because they are unwatchable.  Anything that is HD or widescreen seems to cause the most problems.  Twonky should convert on the fly but I don’t think the My Book has the hardware capability to do the conversion for the PS3 on the fly.  The only thing you can do is use a different media server, which defeats the purpose of having the World Edition with a built in media player.  So, both the WD and the PS3 are the problem.  Those are my thoughts on the subject and I think they are pretty accurate from my research and speaking with several people who stream HD vids to their PS3.

You could try tversity for the PS3 as this very good at conversion, I’ve not tried streaming video to my ps3 yet, but mp3s stream ok.

I ran into this and file format was a factor.  In some cases mp4 stuttered like crazy and was unwatchable.  When I converted it to AVI, it streamed well.  I have not watched a lot of streamed video, but that seemed to do the trick.  Some short home movies I converted to MP4 seem to be working fine, but full feature films I am sticking with AVI. 

I never managed to get to the bottom of this, but it does seem that by linking my PS3 directly to my router with a network cable I have got round the issue. Videos run perfectly smoothly with no pauses or jumps.