PS3 does not see files on MBWE II NAS

Good morning I recently purchased a My Book World Edition II NAS and conected it to my network to replace my old Lacie NAS. My PS3 sees the WD NAS but when I goto the video folder it is empty. If I goto a PC on the network and select the same folder (shared viseo) it has the movie file in the folder. I have the same result with the picture folder as well. Is there a setting I have to change in Twonky to get this to work?

Same problem here… my PS3 sees the TM Media Server, but it cannot ready any of the files in it (it says it has no files) (either video, photos or music).

I bought the WD MyBook World Edition essentially for this purpose: share media with the PS3 and see it on my main TV.

Can anyone help us solve this?

Make sure you put the media in the appropriate folder in the public “drive”. This is where the PS3 wants it for some reason.

Someone else mentioned to go into settings>network>media server and set it off and then turn it back on to force the PS3 to rediscover the media servers. Someone else mentioned that they found file names were too long (although I have not had that problem).

Once I had to unplug the network cable from the PS3 (disconnect the WiFI). Turn the PS3 off and back on again so it’s running with no network and no media servers. Turn it off and reconnect the network. Turn it back on so it rediscovers all the media servers.

That got everything working for me. I still have a probelm where the PS3 can not notice the drive has gone to sleep and cannot wake it back up. The only way to fix this for me was to turn off the sleep mode on the drive.

If you change, delete, edit or rename files or directories you will likely have to turn the PS3 off and back on to get it to work properly again, and MAY have to reset the media server connections again (at least the one for the PS3).

The PS3 works funny with this drive. I find that I can be in the middle of watching a movie and a little window will pop up in the upper right corner saying the PS3 has disconnected from the media server. However, if I stop the movie and check it, it’s still connected and working. A little buggy.