ps3 connects with 3 tb 2.0/3.0 hard drive but will not play files

i’m using windows 7 and with the program euseus i formated my hard drive to fat32 logical. i connected the hard drive to my ps3 slim and it connected successfully with each other. i then continue to search for a video file which i do find but when i select to play the video my tv screen blacks out as if the ps3 is about to play the video but then it immediatly goes back to the selection screen where i choose the video file to play. i know the file can be played since i connect a different hard drive and i can play the video using the ps3 slim.

i contacted sony and they emailed me this message. “If the PlayStation®3 system will play the video from a different hard drive in the same format, the only thing I can recommend is to contact the manufacturer of the external hard drive for further assistance since the PS3™ is able to play the video file type and play the video from another external device.”

help me out. with a solution or a way to contact someone at wd about this situation.

Is the drive able to play videos on your computer or TV? If so, you are having a PS3 issue.

I’m not sure that PS3 will read a 3T drive, Also I believe the drive needs to be formatted FAT32 for it to work on PS3. Another thing that may cause problems it the unlocker VCD.