Protecting files in the public folders accidental deletion


Maybe someone can help me with my concerns. In my home I have a Macbook Pro along with an iPad, a PS3, and 2 XP machines. I primarily use the Mac for managing my files, network, and internet access.My router is a Linksys E2000.

I just bought a My Book Live 2TB and realized that in order to stream (or make available) music, photos, video to the aforementioned machines, I have to place the files in the according PUBLIC folders (or shares, as WD calls them). Fact is, these folders are by default completely accessible to any user in my home network - even allowing such users to accidently delete its contents.

I’m able to create private, controled folders/shares, but the streaming ability is important to me. Does anyone know of a workaround to this limitation? Perhaps some sort of mirroring… Or perhaps placing a shortcut in the public folders or even turning some kind of automatic copy/delete feature on, so when I add (or delete) a file in my private folders it automatically gets copied (or deleted) in the public folders as well? Or last but not the least, turn sharing/streaming on to selected private folders.

It’s really annoying that my only option is to either expose my library to any misuse or accident, or not share it at all… I specially like viewing pictures in the iPad (WD Photo) and playing music on all devices - mind you, I have a 120Gb music library.

Thank you all in advance.


You can stream from ANY share as long as you enable media sharing for the share in the SHARE setup menu…


Thank you for your quick reply.

I now realize I can indeed stream from other folders. But in that situation, do they remain read-only, accessible for browsing, to other users? Let’s suppose I’m streaming to a PC, or even better, let’s suppose that I’m using a PC to access a video file in a private (with read-only capabilities for other users turned on) folder and let’s also suppose that this PC happens to have a virus. Would my My Book Live or its files be in danger? I suppose not, but who knows…

What about WD Photo, does it still work if the files are stored in a folder other than Shared Pictures?

Thank you once again.


Yes, they remain READ ONLY.