Pros and Cons? Reviews?

What are the pros and cons of this unit? User reviews?

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User reviews?

More on that here


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xxnonamexx wrote:

User reviews?

More on that here



Well that’s helpful.

If you use the page properly, it generates a link that opens a Google-like page, a mouse pointer appears, it types in the search phrase and then does the search.

Amusingly, Techflaws missed the whole point of the site and didn’t generate a proper link.  Example:

Anyway, let’s add some pros / cons.


  •  Plays MKV files no problem (for me) when they contain x264 and AC3. 

  •  Plays most MP4 files fine when using x264 and AC3.

  •  Plays AVI files fine, assuming they don’t have weird or ancient codecs.

  •  YouTube feature works well enough

  •  Pandora is nice.

  •  Networks easily enough, quirks aside.


  •  Some MP4 files exhibit sync loss, making them unwatchable.

  •  Most containers don’t pass-thru AC3 / surround channels intact  (only MKV and M2TS do, along with ISO/VOB?) 

  •  Support for HD digicam footage is mixed.  To be fair, some companies use weird codecs.

  •  YouTube no longer plays HD and a lot of SD content is flagged “No Syndication” and won’t play either.

  •  Network issues, if you get them, will drive you insane.

  •  Infrequent and modest firmware releases.

  •  Not the best choise if you rip DVDs to ISO or VOB (no DVD menu support)

  •  No BluRay menu support (and there never will be).

Amusingly I didn’t miss anything but expected him not only to use Google but to enter the terms himself. Bold, I know.