Project Gunmetal

Here’s something that I’ve been working on.  This is still in earlier stages of development.

Gunmetal render.jpg

or see it HERE.

Gun metal jacket ??  :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: !

think about to greyscale (light-flow) the two black border lines. more smoothness would reduce the black dominance between the blocks…

cheers mike

Have used PsychoTHC’s theme since day one, Am currently using PsychoTHC’s modded theme with your Trickle Effect, and from the looks of it… i may be jumpin on the tinwarble bandwagon, as i really like the ‘minimalistic and clean’ look of the theme, along with the similarities of psycho’s theme as i am a huge fan of psychos…

Just want to thank both you and psycho for making my wd tv live hub experience as great as it can be, and also being able to show it off to all my friends and let them drool and envy my 1200 movies, 20,000 songs and 300 Blu Rays, all neatly and nicely stored for viewing with your beautiful themes =D

great work guys… you have done more to benefit the HUB than western digital themselves =D


Yes, I had my lighting off a little, but thanks for the input.  And the blacks do look blacker on the pic, probably due to compression.


Just wanted to say thanks!

Here’s another concept image, just keep in mind, this is still in early work and I will change things as they come to me.  Also, the dashboard doesn’t match in this, but it’s getting a rework.

Gunmetal render.jpg

Gunmetal render.jpg


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well said and totally agree.



Tinwarble you’re freak - hahaha i like that :slight_smile: photoshop is so beautiful if you know how to use it :slight_smile: and you know how to

you do a good job on the themes

The black border looks btw. much more realisic now.

Today I felt not so good and took a day free. The result was I have a bit continued on my theme.

I have updated the main menu patterns which where left open of DEEZER, FACEBOOK and RADIOTIME.

So here is the little cooky for you if you wanna have:


cheers mike

Hey Mike, Thanks for the Services Update, really appreciate.

I’d talk about someone being a freak!!:wink:  It’s hard to keep up with you since you were the pioneer of HUB theming.

And I wish that I had photoshop, unfortunately I just have to GIMP my way through all of this.:smileyvery-happy:  Which can be a little time consuming since a lot of the scripts don’t work in Windows, I may have to get better acquanted with Linux and do my graphics there.

Anyway, sorry to hear you feeling down, I hope that you get to feeling better.  Can’t wait to see what you have for Anodized 4.0.

Have a good one,



Reverse Trickle effect.

I wasn’t really sure about this, but the effect is pretty cool (or at least I think).




Alternate background

Gunmetal render blue.jpg

From the looks of what you’ve shown, this is by far the greatest looking theme available for the hub to date. Absolutely amazing graphic work, and extremely well put together. Makes for a very very beautiful and eye poppin UI. cannot wait until the release, in my opinion, no other themes really even come close to the looks of this one… Thank you tinwarble for finally coming through with a truly professional looking theme. Keep up the great work, and hurry up, we’re all awaiting the release =D


Thanks, I’m glad that you like what I’ve done.  I would get it out faster, but unfortunately I have do that thing that makes me money so I can pay my bills and do this stuff.:smileyvery-happy:

But I might have something ready pretty soon, maybe in the next couple of weeks, but don’t hold me to that.

Anyway, here’s another screenshot:



This theme is also getting a new name, as Project Gunmetal was not the name I was going to use anyway.

I work at RIM and we always have a beta name before our BlackBerry Smartphones are released. you have your beta code name: Project gunmetal. When you are released you release it with the public name.


Do you know if you will be using the same sizes for the dvd cover boxes, series cover boxes and folder icons as your trickle theme.  In the process of changing them all and I dont fancy the thought of changing them all again (specially the series - Im doing that manually in photoshop)  But by the looks of this, Im not gonna want to miss out on this sensational theme.  Well done  and to quote my kids…“awesome”!!!

Thanks and love the blue screenshot

Yes, all the cover boxes and folder icons will be the same size, although you will be able to use larger ones as long as you keep the ratio.  But if you have already made all of yours, then no worries, you won’t have to do them again.

I’m not redoing over 700 of mine either.:smileyvery-happy:

I will be including the blue background as well as a couple of other backgrounds as alternates, so you’ll be able to chose which background you want to use.