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Have an eggnog. ‘tis the season. Recommend doubling your normal rum spike
This is an advertisement for new firmware. . . . you don’t’ have to click it.
It only a slightly more annoying to typical firmware announcements in that spot.

This is what you get for installing the last, recently released OS/3 firmware.
I suspected something like this - - - which is why I am not installing the new releases of OS/3 firmware (also; I asked - - -and did not get a response - - -to the question regarding what has changed)

It should definitely be a head’s up that OS/3 web apps are going to disappear . .probably sooner than later.

So. . .let me ask; since I have not seriously played with OS/5 for a month or so. . . . .

. . . if you DISABLE cloud access; and ignore that entire side of functionality. . . is OS/5 all that bad?
It seems well behaved on my network (although, admittedly, I am using the OS/3 drive more often in my daily tasks)

The biggest faults seems to be

  • lack of NAS based (i.e. local web) file management tools
  • docker and transmission support seems weak (since rectified? I don’t use these tools)
  • Lack of drive sleep (I think OS/3 suffers the same problem)

mmm. I guess there is a list now that I think of it. Add to it . . . .Synchronization software (Does the free version of GoodSync actually work? I don’t count paid apps as a legitimate alternative) (I don’t know what the cool kids are using for file sync these days)