Progress Bar resets to 00:00/00:00


Has anybody encountered this problem? 

I start a video and it will play normally with the progress bar showing it moving forward in time. Sometime in the middle of the video, it will just decide to reset to 00:00/00:00 and the play symbol on the leftmost side of the progress bar will show up instead of the pause symbol.

I will be unable to control the WDTVLive Streaming Media Player anymore with respect to play, fast forward or rewind. I can still go back to main menu and go back to the video continuing to play. When I am in the menu screens, you will hear the audio continue streaming.

This phenomenon started when my firmware was 2.0.86. I rolled it back to 1.16.13 and I still have the same problem.

Is this a hardware problem? Is this a network problem as I am playing it through homeplug that is attached directly to an NAS.  It was never a problem in the past couple of years. It just showed up in the last couple of weeks.

I have been power cycled it. I have restarted the device. I have reset the device. The only thing I haven’t done is to change the homeplug hardware (which I think is working else why is it streaming) or the ethernet cable that attaches the media player to the home plug.

I have even borrowed a friend’s NAS just to see if it will behave the same in case it’s the NAS that is the issue. Still did it.

I really have no clue anymore what is going on. It is quite vexing and frustratiing. Nobody in WD will respond to you also.

Thanks for any input in advance.



Hi, I would like to report to all that I figured out the solution.

Turn of uPnP port forwarding on the NAS where you are playing your video from. Or any device that enables uPnP port forwarding if this is your symptom. Surprisingly, the WD myCloud does not seem to affect it even if uPnP port forwarding is enabled so that you can log on to that device through the internet.

In short, it is certain devices that cause this problem. In my case, it was the NAS TS-212P running QTS 4.0.7.  Once I turned it off, the WDTVLive worked normally as before.