Program To Auto-Sync RSS Feed Downloads to HUB

Okay i have a WDTV Live Hub connected to 2 External Hard Drives, hardwired to my PC

X: WDTV Live Hub (Kids Shows)

Y: External HD 1     (TV Shows/DVD’s)

Z: External HD 2     (Blu Ray’s)

I have all of my TV Show’s set up on an RSS Feed, to automatically download.

So let’s say when Dora The Explorer get’s posted on my torrent site, my RSS Feed automatically downloads it 

All of my RSS Feed’s download to: 


I am looking for a program that will auto scan c:\downloads\completed every 2 hours looking for new files

and then transfer those new files into specific folder’s using filter’s

So let’s say Dora The Explorer Season 7 Episode 4 – and The Dark Knight in Blu Ray, and Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 9 Downloads to C:\Downloads\Completed

The program will search C:\DOWNLOADS\COMPLETED find the new Dora, boardwalk and Dark Knight

Then Transfer Dora to                X:\TV Shows\Dora The Explorer\Season 4\

Then Transfer Dark Knight to    Y:\Blu Ray\Action\

And Transfer Boardwalk to         Z:\TV Shows\Boardwalk Empire\Season 3\

Does anyone know of a synchronize program that allows filter’s and can do this ?

(I Do not condone the illegal downloading of any copywritten Files, The files listed are strictly hypotethical to help reader’s understand what i am asking for"

I haven’t heard of a program like that, but if it were available, it will force you to have the media player and the drives powered  on all the time so the destination of the files won’t be unavailable.

FreeFileSync on Sourceforge will do what you are wanting.

Here is a pic of my setup…