Program to add video media file data to xml

Currently the detailed view of a video file in the Media Library (with date, genre, Total Time en plot) does not show anything about the metadata from the video file. I did not want to go to the effort of changing the theme (I am perfectly happy with the standard one) soI am writing a ruby script that wil add a line to the plot display (just under the line with Director) that contains data as follows:

Media: MKV  Video AVC 1920x800 2.40:1 1080p Audio: English DTS 5.1 

This is just metadata the the program mediainfo retrieves from the video file.

One would need linux or mac os with access to the volume where the data is stored and a terminal window to run the script. Also the (free) program mediainfo is needed. 

At the moment there are still some issues with invalid characters that may be in the xml file that is generated by the Media Library (only one file of about 130 in my library has an & which is not valid).

If there is sufficient interest I can put the program up (where?)


If you dig a bit on the community you’ll find a couple of meta data editors

check this thread