Product warranty

Good day,

Current product (WD20EARS) warranty.
But unfortunately, the product is not sold and failed. In this case, when submitting the product to you, you are replaceable parameters in a similar product, or can be improved?

The product is your side of the extended warranty, which lasts until early 2014!
The product defect: IO error.

Thanks in advance for your answer!
Birtalan Balazs!

PS: Sorry for the bad spelling and grammatical errors, my Hungarian national.

This is an user’s forum, for your rquest you may contact WD directly:

allow me to hijack because good title…

I bought my drive with 5 year warrenty… its crapping out after a year… got a new one, now I got less then 6 months!!? I should atleast get my 4 years or so… hopefully things are solved with this new drive, or bascially im sol eh?

Hi just contact WD they will fix the warranty.

When you replace a hard drive with 1, 2, 3, etc. Years remaining on the warranty you will get a new replacement drive with 90 days warranty, just after those 90 days expire the remaining warranty of the original drive will be transfer over to the new replacement drive.

plz jaldi replace krdo