Product Quality = Depressing. First 2 units didn't work, this unit died after 10 months

I enjoy the idea of the WD TV Live more than the actual product it seems, as when I first bought one from Best Buy in January and got it home, it didn’t work. Called support and they said it was a bad unit and returned it. Got another, and the remote didn’t work. Returned it.

Got another and it has been working pretty well with various annoying glitches along the way but, overall, worth it.

Today it was acting a bit sluggish, so I did what I normally do and power it off, then unplug it and the harddrive, then plug everything back in. Only when I plugged it back in, it no longer outputs a signal or responds to the remote (its basically frozen).

I figured if it were just an output problem, I should be able to turn it off via the remote and turn it back on, but nope. The only way to power it off is by taking out the cord.

I’ve tried:

  • Other component cables, none have worked

  • Resetting it via the button on the unit, didn’t work

  • Keeping it unplugged for several minutes, then plugging it back in. Didn’t work.

This is one of those situations where my entire faith in Western Digital as a company is being destroyed. Any help would be appreciated, as I really wanted to relax and enjoy some movies.

Welcome to the forums.

If you have tried resetting the unit (via the paperclip) as well as unplugged it for at least 10 minutes and still get no signal even from composite video output then it’s pretty likely it’s dead and needs to be repaired/replaced.

Unfortunately, statistics are like this.  I had an uncle who bought a Honda that was a lemon and as a result he thinks anything they make is ■■■■.  Others like myself have perfect results with our Lives and it all averages out.  This isn’t much comfort to you, but the odds are your next Live will work for a long, long time.