Product and Setup Help Needed

Dear all

i have a bit of a problem, as until now i was a bit of a chaotic user, using for Music apple Music, having hundreds of dvd’s, blue-ray’s, and 20’000 + pictures on Apple Photos.

Especially Photos is not more the product for me to use, so i am looking for an easy solution. i never had a cloud nor a NAS, just used apples cloud.

i’d like to have life easier and digitalized.

  1. i want my dvd’s, blue rays being on an external device selectable with a media server (PLEX?)
  2. I still want to have my Apple Music abonament as i like that
  3. Foto’s i want to have somewhere centralized, Adobe creative cloud accessible and somewhere in a nice browser viewable, any recommendations?
  4. Backup solution for 3 Mac’s, 2 iPhones, 3 external disks, 1 iPad
  5. integration of appleTV¨

i hope it’s not too low level question, but i definitiv don’t have a clue or get a picture how it should be. i would be very thankful for any help or recommendation


Hi there,

WD has a wide variety of Cloud Storage with different Cloud solutions to sync with your private Cloud.
For a more thorough approach to your next purchase, I would recommend you contact WD directly

For you accompany ex4 or ex4100 series a good to go.

First decided on the required storage size.
Types of usage was general in your case. As plex streaming need heavy hardware trans coding requirement.
Backup can be done by any series more over the device is mac compatible. Media streaming services are available with 3rd party app. Not specific to apple tunes.

plex work with ex2 ultra or ex4 . But not more than 1080P . Will check on the Bluray capability and confirm you back