Probs with Black, hdd or enclosure faulty?

Probs with Black, hdd or enclosure faulty?


Our WDC3200BEKX makes problems in that way that os (ox s 10.9) reports frequently failures in partitions or other master regions.

It is set to GPT with two partitions, one formatted to mac os extended case non-sensitive, the another one to fat32 for max interoperability. GPT and first partitions were created and formatted using os x disk utility. Second partition was created and formatted using Linux Embedded (NAS) and ntdos.fs.

There are also frequently probs on unmounting and/or ejecting from os x.

This drive operates always as external drive witin a hdd docking station and connects to host through USB3.0 or eSATA.

I wonder if it is a problem of docking station, hdd or the host machine. In order to narrow it a little bit SMART utility was started and extended test was conducted. One suspiecient point is the spin-up time reported by SMART: 733 raw value.

Extended test completed with PASSED. I wonder if this value is a sign of problems. Other parameters are quite normal.

Over all two further 3200BKEX, one 5000BPKX and two 5000LPLX are used. Amongst all those drives two show high spin-up time raw value (above 700).

What is your opinion regarding these high spin-up time raw values?


The best option to narrow the issue is to test the drive on a different computer or connecting the unit internally on the computer