Problems with WD Blue M.2 SSD

Hello everybody

I got the WD Blue M.2 SSD today and wanted to install my Windows 10 on it.

In the installation window where I can select the SSD, the WD Blue does not appear.
I have also found no driver, which I could integrate.

Can you help me, why can not?
Or what am I doing wrong?


I’d recommend ensuring the hard drive is being detected within your system’s BIOS. If it’s not then there’s a physical issue preventing installation.

Does anyone know if the 1TB m.2 2280 WB Blue drive comes with a screw? Thanks!

I recently purchased a M.2 250 WD Blue. I installed it on the Gigabyte Board (GA-Z97M-D3H) with the latest BIOS. The MB has detected the drive because in the BIOS the 250 is listed. But I am unable to access it through Windows 10. It doesn’t appear under Device Manager or Disk Management. It is extremely frustrating. Does anyone know of this issue. I took extreme care when installing the drive. Could it be a fault with the drive itself. Any advice would be appreciated.

Have you installed the WD SSD Dashboard program?

Does that see your new M.2?

No screw provided, heaven knows why not?

Typically M2x3mm flathead.

Google m2. 2280 screw