Problems with video files with DTS

When i try to play a video with DTS the video plays fine, except the sound, is gabrled and extreme low. I have connected the player via HDMI to the tv and the from the tv i output  sound (via RCA cable) to a home theater SAVA-59. This is an old system so is analog 5.1, no digital input like optical audio…etc. I suppose this is the problem? is there a way, an application that somehow it can let me convert audio from dts to ac3? i tried converting 2 whole  videos from MKV to dvd file and with the option to change dts to ac3 enabled, but it takes almost 2 hrs to do the process, i just want to change the audio since the WD Media player can play the matroska good.

Hi, im No Expert at this but bear with me. DTS is a digital signal and requires a DTS converter either in the Amp or the player, you say your outputting to TV via HDMI but then from TV to Amp via RCA Cables. The WD I assume is set to output sound through HDMI Digitally but can your tv convert this signal for the Amp? If not then your tv will simply output a stereo signal to the RCA sockets your amp will only recieve a standard stereo signal. If you want to convert the original file then you will need something like X to DVD convertor

This will make the file into a DVD file and should then play through your Amp in surround. Of course the process of converting is not instant. I believe Handbrake can also convert the file and add or change the sound file, but Im sure there are experts on that on the forum. If I have misunderstood I apologise, just sounds as though your trying to convert a signal on the fly without the “hardware” to do it. Using software will mean a time consuming conversion.

What happens if you connect the AV output of the player directly to your home theatre via the supplied cable.

uhm, have to try that and post result later.