Problems with Speed and Music Playback


i got my WD TV Live last week and i’m a little disappointed at the moment. I bought it mainly to play my music and exactly this part makes a lot of Problems.

I have all my music on an USB Hard Drive (around 40.000 Files) and i just want to go to all music, press play and the WDTV plays them in Shuffle mode. But here start the Problems:

  1. It’s all very slow, especially scrolling through the music files

  2. If i select shuffle, the complete Box just hangs. The only way to get it back working is to cut the power and restart it on the hard way.

  3. Even if I use a playlist with something around 8000 Files still the same Problems.

I have the newest Firmware installed, formatted (NTFS) and defraged my HDD but still the same.

Am I doing something wrong? Can you give me any tips or help?



Wow.   That’s a lot of files.

First, you’ll probably need to give the WDTV a long time to index that many files and build the (hidden) .wdtv folder on your harddrive.  It could take an hour or so, but that’s a guess.  Speed should improve after that is completed.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Is it only indexing when you see the message at the top in the main menu or even after that?And will it have to index them after every restart or just once?


I think you can tell that it’s done when the hard drive activity stops.  I’m really not sure how often it updates the database… Probably every start-up, but each one should be quicker since it’s only checking for changes.

I had the WDTV and HDD now both on for something around two hours, there wasn’t any activity on he USB HDD anymore (the LED on the HDD stopped blinking) so I went to all music, scrolled a little bit (still slow) and then selected a song. At first everything was OK, skipping to the next song was slow but OK. But when I activated shuffle the box hung up again but the song kept playing. I wasn’t able to stop the song or do anything with the box.

After the song was complete the WDTV showed me a message that the selected file isn’t supported. After I click OK on this message I automatically jumped back to the all music screen a was able to move around in the menus again.

Any Idea?