Problems with Mycloud playing local media

Hello everyone

I recently got myself an wd MyCloud and a chromecast. first everything worked fine. But now I often get an error when I play files from my wd cloud. When I play files from the cloud on my computer a error like this come: ‘’ Bad file descriptor ‘’ . The error accours on vlc an other mediaplayers
When I play on my chromecast via plex, there are also errors. Have plex server on my computer that is set up with content from my wd cloud. Here comes plex with an error message too.

Does anyone know what is wrong?

Do you experience the same issues when using direct network shares instead of DLNA Media Servers? Does a reboot affect this behavior?


Sounds like the filesystem may be corrupt.


No a reboot does not help :confused: How do I use a direct network share?

Thank you for answering me


If the filesystem is corrupt, what do I do then?

Thank you for answering

I have the same problem. It is not a file system error though since if I copy the file to a computer it plays fine. the problem is streaming over a network. The cloud drive just cant handle it very long.

In short to bypass your problem use the cloud as storage only. When you want to stream your media, copy it to your computer then stream it from the computer. This is the only option I have figured out so far.