Problems with My Book 3 TB


I am having problems accessing External Drive (My Book). I have tried reinstalling the drives… Going to Device Manager and notice that there are some error with the Other devices… I tried unistalling them and replugging the Hard Drive and still is not working… As you can see in the screenshot

that Local Disk ( J: ) is trying to recongize the External Drive, however it doesn’t seem to load fully as you can see with the green bar it is just stuck there…I have tried plugging it into multiple computers and still isn’t working. Also had WD Smart Ware installed was well… My WD Passport seems to be functioning well when I plug it into the same USB port so it it not a USB problem.


As a recommendation, test the unit using the WD DLG tool.

See the following link for assistance.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows